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      Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night, there was a man who spent his entire adult life in the gambling business. Such a waste, his family and friends would say. As the years went by, he began to realize there was a ring of truth to those words. All those years and he had created nothing meaningful, lasting or helpful to others. "How can I redeem myself," he opined. "I can not leave this world having contributed nothing except my shallow footprints."

      The years went by as he wrestled with his demons. Then, as if struck by a half-empty cereal box, it came to him. Many of the gambling sites on the internet are nothing but shills for online sports books. Their pages are either outdated or strewn with annoying ads and misinformation. He vowed to create a website to educate the millions of gamblers who don't have a clue. It will take some time, a lot of time, but eventually it will become one of the world's greatest gambling websites. (A bit on the optimistic side, eh?) Thus was created the idea of a website in which he would share his passion and experience with the world.

      Created in 2009, InsaneGambler.com provides information, odds, statistics, systems and strategies for sports betting, casino gambling and pari-mutuel wagering. Many other websites do the same thing. Some, like Odds&News, VegasInsider and GamingToday (a former employer of TIG) are way better that IG can even imagine. That's right! We admit our site is inferior to them. Right now, it's like comparing an ant hill to Mt. Everest.

      But IG is different from those sites in that it likes to have fun, lots of fun, with an eclectic selection of columnists, handicappers and guest writers who inject (or at least attempt to inject) humor into their work. Just as the LAPD has "To Serve and Protect" as its motto, IG has its own motto: "To Inform and Entertain." Well, at least that was its motto at first. It wasn't very catchy or exciting so our marketing expert, Reno Carbonara, quickly changed it to:  "IG = Always On Tilt"

      Whether you're looking to win a bet or just want to get a few laughs, we hope you make InsaneGambler.com one of your favorite websites.

Unleaded IG

IG takes pride in having accurate and updated information. If you see something that needs to be corrected, added or deleted, please e-mail us at: error@insanegambler.com

IG = Always On Tilt