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Better enjoy your Buzztime while you can - the end may be near!

      Do you think you're good at trivia? Are you an obnoxious bore who likes to brag how smart you are? Do your friends often refer to you as a KIAA? Love to drink like a fish and roll up $100 bar tabs? Then Buzztime may be just what you're looking for. Buzztime makes interactive trivia games available in about 3,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Almost all of them are restaurants and bars. If you have a drinking problem, so what? Since Buzztime is very addictive, it may replace drinking as your number one problem, and what's so bad about that? You can find your nearest location, a game schedule, and AKOGS at:
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      If a blog about trivia isn't your cup of tea, another choice would be to take 10 Valium pills and chug down a quart of rum. That would solve sooooooo many problems.

      Too lazy to click on one of those blue links? All right then, here's a list of the games that Buzztime is currently running as of 10/04/15. Remember to go to the official Buzztime Schedule for the times. Each game receives an rating from one to five diamonds, with one being the worst and five the best. Ratings are based on game content, writing, difficulty, accuracy (they do make mistakes) and various other factors. Does the game have interesting, meaningful questions that are educating? Or does it have a lot of "fluff" - pop culture questions that almost all serious players loathe with nothing short of absolute contempt? Are the game's graphics pleasing to the eye? Is the scoring structure fair? The rating is quite subjective of course. One man's pleasure is another man's poison. TIG has been playing Buzztime for 20 years, and since this is his website, he'll rate these games any way he wants.

       If you don't find what you're looking for here then try Don's NTN Site. It has lots of interesting info and stats of the premium games. Another good place to go would be Scaratings. This is a message board frequented by Buzztime players.

      Year in and year out, this game has earned its reputation as Buzztime's finest. It has long had an academic tone to its content and style. There are a total of 41 questions, ranging from the routine to downright wicked. Warning: if you play this game by yourself, you will be humbled by your lack of knowledge. Almost all of the top scorers in this game are playing on some sort of team, sharing answers with the people around them. It's the only way to consistently score high in this game. Win this game and it's like climbing Mt. Everest. Some of the teams are so desperate to win, they use computers to help them get the answers. SHAME ON YOU!!! The game runs on Tuesday. IG Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

      This is a really cool hour-long game that airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Each game is different - no repeat questions. It has a Trivial Pursuit feel to it with six categories of questions: Past, World, Arts, Shows, Games and Science. The graphics are really well done. There are four rounds, with each one a little bit different as far as the number of answers, clues, etc. TIG would give it five stars except for the first round of questions. What's wrong with them? They seem to be written for fourth graders. They have Jeopardy style clues in the questions which practically GIVE you the answer. What's the point? Example: "Doc and Dopey know that after our Sun is a red giant, it will become a:" Answer: White Dwarf! Or how about "Betcha five cents you know that 28 is the atomic number of:" Answer: Nickel Duhhh! FTLOG! IG Rating: ♦♦♦♦½

      If movies, television and the whole entertainment scene are your bag, this game is for you. If not, find something else to do. It has really nice graphics and the rounds have quite a variety in style. You'll have to deal with scrambled answers, guess the year, and other clever stuff. This is also one of the Buzztime games which allows you to wager up to 50 percent of your points on the final question. Showdown and Playback do the same thing. It gives just about everyone a chance to win if they get it right and all those ahead of them get it wrong. Some people hate it, others love it. The game runs on Friday and lasts one hour. IG Rating: ♦♦♦♦

      Music, Music, Music! This 60-minute game runs on Saturday. Alas, the game went under a serious makeover in 2008 and the reaction of some players was a bit on the cool side, and that's putting it mildly. It was more like an Adolph Hitler impersonator showing up at a Bar Mitzvah. The scoring structure involves bonuses that take a while to figure out and there's one round that is guaranteed to make you scream in frustration the first few times you play it. There's nothing wrong with the content of the game, it's just that the game's format pales in comparison to the other premium games. They do have this cool easter egg thing when you push the number zero between questions. You need to be in the top three on the scoreboard for it to work. Try it, it's fun! IG Rating: ♦½

Glory Daze
      This 30-minute game on Tuesday focuses on the events of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. About half the 15 questions are either on movies, television and music. The rest are straight history or odd stuff like fads, fashions, etc. Unlike virtually all other Buzztime games, the factoid that appears after the answer is shown is usually not a real fact, but is a joke instead. Or at least an attempt at a joke. Some hit. Some miss. If you're a Baby Boomer, you should do well. You young whippersnappers will be in trouble. IG Rating: ♦♦♦

      Trivia masochists love this 30-minute game that runs on Tuesday and attracts quite an intellectual crowd. The questions are tough. The clues are tough. There are virtually no pop culture questions. Bravo! The game definitely lives up to its name. IG Rating: ♦♦♦♦♦

Speed Freaks
      This game is a bit different in that all the points go to whoever answers first at your location. As soon as someone answers correctly, on to the next question. If people are answering correctly quickly, up to 35 questions can be shown. Now that's speed! The game runs on Saturday. IG Rating: ♦♦♦♦½

      As the game's name suggests, it's all about science fiction: movies, books, television. Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate fans get all geeky over this game. 30 minutes. 15 questions. Wednesday. Be there! IG Rating: ♦♦♦½

      History buffs enjoy this game that runs every Wednesday. Too bad it's only 15 minutes long with 10 questions. This short format is loathed by most players. IG Rating: ♦♦♦

      This game is simple to describe. There's a word, then four possible definitions. You pick the right one. Sounds easy, unless the word is fusty, crenulate, cendorex, itigho or numinous. Short format: 15 minutes, 10 questions. Runs on Wednesday. IG Rating: ♦♦♦½

Ask It Already
      This game plays on Saturday. This one's a bit different in that the answers are shown first, then the question. What's the difference? Who knows? Who cares? IG Rating: ♦♦½

Immortal Words
      You're given a quote from a movie, book, television show, politician, etc. Then you guess who said it. Interesting, if you're into that sort of thing. If not, it's kind of a drag. Especially if the quote is obscure or apocryphal. You do know what apocryphal means? The game airs on Thursday. Short format. IG Rating: ♦♦

      There are currently two versions of this 30-minute game with 15 questions. Each game is about one specific topic. The game airs on Thursday. IG Rating for Thursday Topix: ♦♦♦♦½

      Another version of Topix runs on Friday and usually has an entertainment theme. IG Rating: Friday Topix: ♦♦♦½

Trendalicious Trivia
      This 15-question, 30-minute game airs on Fridays. As the title of the game suggests, it's full of pop culture, and for many players that's a real bummer. IG Rating: ♦♦♦

Tuned In
      Television, mostly older shows, is the theme of this 10-question, 15-minute game that airs on Thursday. Not exactly Buzztime's best effort. IG Rating: ♦♦

      This has long been the staple of Buzztime's trivia schedule. All categories of trivia are covered so you need to be versatile in your knowledge! IG Rating: ♦♦♦½

The Pulse
      This is a new game that started September 17, 2012. It’s 60 minutes long and features 30 countdown style sports questions. The content is totally current – a vast majority of the questions ask about events that have happened within the past several days. If you’re a sports geek, you’ll love it. Anyone else, you’ll hate it. So what else is new? The game runs on Mondays at 4:30pm PT and is live in all time zones. IG Rating: ♦♦♦   For non-sports fans, IG Rating: ♦

Lunchtime Trivia
      According to the Buzztime website, this game "features 7 general knowledge trivia questions to silence your mid-day trivia cravings." Translation: it's a 15 minute game with seven questions for people who may not have the time to sit through a 30 minute game. It runs from 11:00am-2:00pm no matter what time zone you're in. IG Rating: ♦♦½

The Late Shift
      This is pretty much the same as Lunchtime Trivia except that it starts at 10:00pm, unless you're in Alaska where it's 9:00pm or in Hawaii where it's 11:00pm. Confused? So is TIG! Warning: It's also filled with a plethora of questions that are in the "pop culture" category. This is a serious irritant to veteran players who constantly complain about too many movie, too many TV, too many "Dancing with the Stars" questions. These people HATE pop culture, and you probably will too when you see four straight questions about "Survivor 15: The Alleys of Huber Heights." IG Rating: ♦♦

       This is a new game that debuted in 2014. It's pretty much like Family Feud in that you have to guess what answers a survey group gave. If you like Family Feud, you'll probably like the game. If not, you'll probably hate it. Please note that this game has no set broadcast time and can be played on-demand whenever the location wants it to run. For those players obsessed with competing against other players across the continent, this will not be your cup of tea. IG Rating: ♦♦

Jackpot Trivia
       This is a brand new game released in 2015. Similar to OpinioNation, it runs whenever the location wants to. You will only be competing with the players at your location. It has a certain amount of strategy to it that most Buzztime games do not have. For more details (and because IG is tired of typing) go to Buzztime Jackpot Trivia. IG Rating: ♦♦♦♦½


Rest In Peace

R.I.P. - Fox Sports Trivia Challenge
      This hour-long game had been a Buzztime staple for 20 years or so until it was cancelled by TPTB. The last game ran on October 31, 2011. There were 34 questions in the game. The first eight were about things that had happened in the past few weeks. The next 26 were mostly in the past, so you really had to know your sports to get a good score. If not, you'd feel pretty stupid. The game long had a reputation as one of Buzztime's best-written and most challenging games. We can only hope that it returns in the not too distant future.

R.I.P. - Speed
      This fun game followed Showdown at 6:45pm PT on Tuesday. The questions weren't any different than the normal Countdown games, it's just that there were 18 of them jammed into 15 minutes. That's why they called it Speed. It was a pleasant change of pace. For reasons that went unexplained, the game went belly up on February 21, 2012.

R.I.P. - Nth Degree
      Another of those goshawful short games. It started at 4:45pm PT Thursday. It did have a nice variety of hard, though sometimes obscure, questions. No clues. All or nothing. You had to bring your whole brain with you. The game's final night was February 23, 2012.

R.I.P. - Buzztime Trivia
      This is one of the most hated games in Buzztime history. Why? It's only 15 minutes with 10 questions. There are only four answer choices. There are no clues. The questions are pretty much the same as in Countdown, but the game just has a hurried, cheap feel to it. TIG compares it to going to a big Las Vegas casino and playing a nickel slot machine. After an hour you hit a jackpot. Lights shine, bells ring, hundreds of coins spit out. Woo-hoo! I hit the jackpot! Money is all over the place and when you add it all up, there's 20 dollars there. That's all, just 20 bucks. WAWOTTW There were about 25 of these during the day, so players had to study the Buzztime schedule in order to avoid as many of them as possible. But no more! February 27, 2012, spelled an end to this abomination. Here's hoping it never returns.

R.I.P. - Sports IQ
      This well-designed hour-long game became an instant favorite among sports fans when it debuted in 1995. But the hammer fell in 2008 when, with virtually no warning, the game was cancelled. Boo-hoo-hoo. The players cried, they whined, they begged, but no dice. No SIQ. The game finally returned in the summer of 2009 but was once again given the axe in 2012. More whining, more crying. The last airing of the game was on September 3, 2012.

R.I.P. - Race Day
      This was a 15-question trivia game based on the Sprint Cup series. There was also a prediction game where you picked the race leaders and other race stats. The game's final airing was November 17, 2012. Why was it cancelled? One rumor has it that the person who writes the game left for another job and when Buzztime found out there were no employees who were NASCAR fans, they decided to just go ahead and junk the game. Fact or fiction? Who knows? Who really cares?

R.I.P. - The Season
      This hour-long game ran during the NFL season in 2011 and 2012. The good news is that it was live in all time zones - no replays! The game had 44 questions. About half were directly about the NFL but the other half were questions like what river flows through which NFL city. What city's favorite food is corn flakes and molasses. Which player just got married to a country singer. Stuff like that. It was a well written and entertaining game and you didn't need to be a football fanatic to enjoy it. So why did it get cancelled after two seasons? Another puzzling decision by the Buzztime "brain trust."

R.I.P. - Saturdays in the South
      This college football game debuted on August 30, 2012, and had questions only about Southeastern Conference teams. After all, the SEC is far and away the most powerful football conference in the country, right? It was 30 minutes long and had 15 questions which were a mix of events that had happened the previous week and historic trivia from years gone by. The game ran Thursday night and repeated the same questions on Saturday afternoon. As with The Season, it was well written and entertaining. Yet another puzzling decision to cancel it after only one season. Why?????????? Only TPTB know.

R.I.P. - Badge Hunter
      This 30-minute, 15-question game debuted on Tuesday April 24, 2012. It featured questions from rare badge categories. If you were desperately trying to get one of those rare K.O. badges given for perfect scores on boxing questions, this was the game for you. It was scheduled for only 10 weeks and its run ended on June 26, 2012. It was revived in 2013 and ran for 10 Wednesdays starting April 3. An odd mix of questions - if sports, religion and animals are your cup of tea, this was the game for you! IG Rating: ♦♦♦½

R.I.P. - Cross Checked
      This was for all those hockey fans out there. A 15-minute, 10-question game that ran on Saturday during the hockey season. It was so popular, they'd run two of them in a row. This game ran on Buzztime's second channel and was mainly played at locations in Canada. Now it's history. Why? Who knows?? Who really cares???

R.I.P. - QB1
      This was a great game that let you predict each play of a football game. The more you got right, the more points you scored. Trying to describe the game won't do it justice. If you were a football geek, this could have been a fun experience. Unless you had a temper, in which case it might have given you some anger management problems. A disparity in network feeds forced the game to be shelved just before the 2015 season. Blame it on Janet Jackson!

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