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      This blog is the brainchild of IG's SEO expert, Reno Carbonara. He bragged about how if somebody Googled "Buzztime Blog" or "Buzztime's Blog" or "Buzztime Trivia Blog" he could get this site on the first page of results. Darned if he didn't do it!

       Unfortunately, Reno forgot one important item: he has no one to write about Buzztime on a regular basis. Everyone else at IG is up to their eyeballs with other duties. So IG doesn't actually have any content for this blog right now. Ironically, neither does Buzztime. They used to have a blog but they ditched it in October 2012. Probably for the same reason IG doesn't have one. But IG does have something worthwhile: the Buzztime Trivia page. Or how about going to IG's How to Win at Buzztime Trivia page. Another interesting site to go to is New Scaratings which is where many players go to discuss the games. Warning - some of them are quite opinionated! Another option would be to look at the upper right corner of this page. There's a red button with a white X. Click it and go do something worthwhile with your time.

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