How to Win at Buzztime Trivia

      Before getting into the details of how to win at Buzztime, we first need to define exactly what "winning" means to you. Is it finishing first in North America in a premium game like Showdown of Spotlight? Or are you just content to crack the top 20? Are you an individual player or a team player? Are you a sports fanatic? Do you just want somehow someway to get a perfect score in Countdown? Every player has a different goal, so you need to analyze what it is you're shooting for and focus on what needs to be done. Here is a list, in no particular order, of ways that you can improve your scores at Buzztime Trivia.

Here is a list of ways to win at Buzztime Trivia:

Sit next to a smart person and ask them to help you out.

Learn the capitals of all those obscure countries like Tonga, Azerbaijan and Malawi.

Pay attention to all the new movies that are released. You don't have to see them, just read a quick review online. In a month or so, you'll see questions about those films popping up and you'll be a genius.

If you want to win at a sports-themed game, read the sports page every day. If that's too much work, make sure to read it on Monday.

Get a map of Africa and memorize the location of all the countries. Where are they? What are they bordered by? Are they landlocked? Too much work for you? Well, if you want to rule in trivia, you've got to put in some serious brain work.

Read the plots of every movie Woody Allen has ever made or starred in. If you can't stand Woody Allen movies, just hold your nose and put up with it for a few minutes for each film. At some point in time, there was a big Woody Allen fan at Buzztime who wrote a zillion Woody Allen questions and they continue to pop up constantly.

When in doubt, answer number 3. Just kidding. This is an urban legend spread by veteran Buzztime players. The number 3 doesn't come in any more or less than the other choices.

Learn about all the wars ever fought in the history of the world, especially the ones you know nothing about. Most people know the main ones like WWI, WWII, Civil War, American Revolution, War of 1812, etc. What you need to study are the obscure ones like the War of the Spanish Succession and the Gran Chaco War.

If one of the answer choices is Croatia, don't pick it.

Study the Fortune 500 companies. What do they make and where are their headquarters?

Make it a habit to scan world news websites such as BBC and Reuters. Learn what's going on in the world.

If a question has five choices and you're familiar with four of them but have never heard of the fifth, that's the answer. Well, at least 20 percent of the time.

Read the USA Today, especially the purple section at the end with all the entertainment updates.

Go with your gut instinct, unless you're as dumb as a bag of rocks, in which case you're better off switching to another answer.

Break down and fork over $13.99 to buy the latest World Almanac. You won't regret it.

Memorize every English king or queen there ever was, what house they were in, who their parents or children were, what their favorite food was. Everything!!!

Wikipedia! Just pick some subjects at random. You only need to read the first paragraph of the article. It seems like that's all the question writers read. Unfortunately, there are like about 10 bazillion subjects to study and you'll never learn everything but slowly but surely you'll see your scores rise.

If you're a regular player of Showdown, you've probably noticed quite a few questions about people who have died recently. So as depressing as it might seem, it pays to study the obituaries for whatever famous people have passed away.

Bring a laptop computer with you. How do you think some locations put up those high scores in Showdown? They'll have one guy consulting Mr. Google while the others try to figure the answer out on their own. Many times Google will bail the team out by providing the correct answer. This strategy is especially powerful in the Pyramid round where you have several seconds to do the search without losing any points. It's sad that some players resort to this strategy but hey, as the old saying goes: IYNCYNT!

If one of the choices is Wichita, that's *not* the answer.

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