We were supposed to have some cool widgets, programs, etc. here to calculate all sorts of odds. But right now, we sure don't have a lot. Why? Two main reasons. One, our programmer dude has been busy with another job and hasn't been able to whip anything up yet. Second, and more importantly, TIG has been having second thoughts about the whole concept. You see, TIG claims to have spent more than 40 years developing and fine tuning some of the formulas, and he says no way in hell is he going to just give away the info for free.
 "40 years of my work, and some dolt who can't add two and two gets the thing in one second? NIAMY!"

      In the meantime, we'll try to put in some charts and tables on a variety of subjects. No fancy-schmancy widgets or NBA point spread calculators just yet. Perhaps if this website does well and TIG makes a few dollars, he will change his mind. :)

 08/10/13   Finally, we have something! It's called The Magic Formula. How's that for modesty? Check it out, it's quite fascinating, especially for all you math geeks out there.

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