The Lure of the Tumbling Dice

     There have been countless systems developed over the years to win at craps but they're all trying to beat a game in which the house has an edge in every bet you make. Good luck in winning at that, Einstein!

     Now bear in mind, because the house edge is extremely small on some bets, a player can get lucky for a very long, long time. If he is only going to a casino three or four times a year, he might very well be ahead of the game for several years.

     Unfortunately, the same thinking applies to the lottery: there are a few people that win but thousands that lose. The bottom line is that no matter what system you read about online or get from a friend, you are bucking the tiger every step of the way.

      But there is hope for all you degenerate dice shooters: there is a way to "win" at the table! The best odds can be obtained by betting the don't pass and taking full odds.

      In the long run, you will probably lose but wait! If you are a frequent player and are getting comps for your time at the table, you can reduce the house's edge to almost nothing. In fact, it's even possible to have a slight edge if you're getting enough value in comps.

     So if standing at a craps table for hours on end is your cup of tea, maybe you can finish ahead of the game in the long run. But why bother with that? Why not become a dealer? You get a guaranteed wage per hour plus tips. You'll never have a losing session. How's that for some wise advice?

     Now wasn't that simple? You found out the inside scoop in just about one minute instead of spending hours researching systems online or wasting precious time watching YouTube videos. Take it from an expert: they don't work!

     Again, just bet pass or don't pass and take full odds. If you have any kind of luck, you can have some winning sessions. But don't kid yourself! Don't ever think you can just stroll up to a table and expect to walk away with your pockets full of chips.

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Don't play the field and always take the odds!

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