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     Welcome to Not sure how you got here, since the site isn't fully operational as yet. We hope to have things up and running one of these years. Feel free to drop in, as more and more of the sections will become filled with content. Original content! No cut and paste junk done here. Despite some bad economic times, sports betting is still popular, especially if you're an insane gambler! Hey, what better way to raise that mortgage payment than to hit a few five-team parlays?

     Maybe sports betting isn't your cup of tea. You like the action of casino gambling, the jingling sounds of hundreds of slot machines, the shuffling of cards at the blackjack and poker tables, and the shouts of "Baby needs a new pair of shoes" (do they still say that?) at the craps table. TIG (that's short for The Insane Gambler) plans on having a wealth of information to help everyone in their quest to beat the house.

     TIG also wants to be the place to come for getting information on horses, greyhounds, and jai-alai. Handicapping is fun! Just sit down and read the past performances, crunch some numbers, and come up with some winners. Heck, even if you lose, it's still exciting. As TIG says, "A day without action is a day without action."

     We also plan on having a veritable plethora of writers, bloggers, handicappers, free sports picks, the whole kitchen sink. TIG wants to make handicapping and betting fun. If you're going to lose, at least do it with a smile. Oh, did we mention the Future Sports Almanac? You read it right - future - and we've got the 2059 edition! TIG sees all, knows all, tells most and keeps the rest for his own betting systems.

The Keno Know Zone


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