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     Belmont P. Tillinghast, IG's legal advisor, says you don't have to copyright anything, it's automatically done as soon as it's posted on the internet. BUT, he says you probably should write a statement about how everything on the site is copyrighted, what year it is, etc.

      A little research (we don't necessarily trust him) reveals the same thing. You don't need to copyright anything, but you should anyway, even though you don't have to, but you should, although it's not needed but why not do it anyway, but it really isn't needed, a lot of people are misinformed but just in case, you should do it, although you really don't have to. WELL WHICH IS IT??? YES OR NO??? MTRFMP

     Sooooo, just in case, everything on this site is copyrighted starting in 2009. So don't use it without TIG's permission or he'll sue your pants off. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, we didn't have to make that statement because it wasn't needed but maybe we should just in case although it really isn't needed....

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