Deprecation Alley

"It seemed like a really good idea at the time"

This is where all the sections of IG that didn't work out are laid to rest. No reason to destroy all this work, as there might be someone in the world that enjoys it. Why did these things get dumped? Various reasons: writer quit, writer got bored, writer found out it was too much work, writer found out he wasn't as good as he thought he was, or readers wrote in and said "This sucks." That pretty much covers 99 percent of the problems. Here's a list of failed projects, which no doubt will grow bigger and bigger as time goes on.

Sawks Tawk

An aborted blog on the 2009 Boston Red Sox season. It was meant to be an introspective look at one fan's dedication to his team and the sport of baseball. All it turned out to be was cheerleading and repeating facts that any second grader could have expressed. TTD

Unleaded IG

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