Frequently Asked Questions

Dude, what's up with all the acronyms?

     Because they're mysteriously cool and present an aura of high intelligence? Actually, they're kind of fun to try to figure out without consulting the site acronyms and initialisms list. Also, they save a lot of time typing. Finally, with the popularity of texting, communicating with a minimum of typing has become more and more prevalent. TIG sees the day that people will be able to communicate entirely in acronyms and initialisms. Example: OMG! CYBT? SSMSFTR TILSNC PABS!

Who, or what, is Trax Brundisium?

     Actually, Trax is more like a state of mind than a who or a what. Trax is a mysterious individual TIG has never had the pleasure of meeting in person. We've swapped some e-mails over the last few years and TIG was able to convince Trax to do some writing for this website. Trax's writing is a bit eccentric, to put it mildly. TIG has given Trax a green light to do whatever Trax wants, so just stand back and see what happens. TIG guarantees it will be entertaining.

Do you really have a dog making sports picks?

     Well, sort of. His master picks a game on the schedule and has various ways for Diggy to make a choice. In which hand does he look for the treat. Does he bark an even or odd number of times. Which part of the yard does he take a dump in. Stuff like that. Now, we know what some of you may be thinking. Why don't you just flip a coin? Well, that's Flip McCoin's job. Pick a game at random and flip a coin to see which side to go with. Not that bad of a system, actually. Always seems to be around 50 percent. It's really uncanny how he does it.

How come you don't have any message boards or some way for site users to post their opinions?

     The IG staff has had several heated discussions about that. Those in favor say it would be an easy way to get more content without paying any writers. Plus, it would give people an incentive to keep coming back to the site to read or write opinions on the important matters of the day. Our users could prove to be a TTOI. Those against it cite the fact that most gamblers and sports fans are horrible writers who are barely able to put even one legible sentence together. To put it bluntly, most of you suck. Sorry to be so rude, but it's true. TIG takes pride in having educated, professional writers who are a pleasure to read. If you really, really have something to say, send us an e-mail with your writing and maybe, just maybe, TIG will give his okay. Better yet, buy your own domain, set up your own website, and write whatever you want without having to beg TIG to publish your stuff.

Why is there only one ad on this site?

     Because no one is willing to pay us??? Seriously, TIG would like to keep the site as free from ads as possible. Some sites he's visited are just ridiculous. Ads all over the place. Some sites are all ads. You start looking for the content and there's nothing there! Just links to someplace that does have some content. Hopefully, this site will become popular and we'll be able to run a few ads, sell a few geegaws and doodads, and get a poker bankroll.

What's the deal with this future sports almanac?

     TIG has gotten out his crystal ball and is giving us a look into the future of sports. At first, the staff thought it would just be a lot of willy-nilly guesses but then we saw how much work was going into it, we changed our minds. For more details on how TIG comes up with this stuff, check out Future Sports Almanac: How It's Done

How can I contact Attorney Anthony Plungo? His Legal Advice page has no contact information.

     Attorney Anthony Plungo has some legal problems of his own at this time and, well, it's pretty hard to contact someone who spends 23 hours a day in solitary confinement. With good behavior, he should be available in about 7 or 8 years. Until then, we strongly suggest you find another attorney.

What's up with this TIG acronym? It's everywhere! TIG this, TIG that. Does this guy have some sort of mental problem???

     Excellent question. The original reason for doing all the acronyms was to take less time typing but it hasn't turned out that way. Everytime one of our worker drones types in "TIG" they also have to type in a long sentence of code to make it bold and have it say "The Insane Gambler" when you hover over it. The staff likes the idea of just writing a few letters instead of a sentence, but it's really stupid to have to do more. Unfortunately, the boss (we'll use that instead of the three capital letters) is stubborn and wants it done this way. Hey, he writes the checks, so we just do as we're told!

What's with all these weird names - Beasley Pantishaw, Ollie Zorkito, Oscar Kettlefish, Reno Carbonara - are these real people or just the figment of someone's demented mind?

     Sorry, we're not allowed to reveal that information.

Why are some of the recipes missing in the Weird Recipes section?

     They got eaten.

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