Flip McCoin - Version 2.009

5/09/09 - Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks - The Cavs are favored by either 9 or 9 1/2. We'll just make it 9 1/2, no pushes needed. Heads its Cleveland, tails it's Atlanta...and it's heads! Go Cavs! See, isn't that easy?

5/27/09 - Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers - Wow, time sure does fly when you're living a life of luxury. TIG sent me an e-mail yesterday. Says he: "Could you make your picks a bit more often? How much time does it take to flip a coin????" So here we go -- heads it's Denver, tails it's L.A--We're using a state of Utah quarter and it's a...tail...Go Lakers minus 6 1/2! (Uggh. I hate L.A. Hope the Nuggets win but never underestimate the power of the coin!)

6/01/09 - Baltimore Orioles at Seattle Mariners - Seattle coming off a brutal loss to the Angels of Anaheim, but none of that matters any bit whatsoever. The coin rules. Heads Baltimore, tails Seattle. Using a 2004 penny minted in Denver...it's heads! Orioles at +110. Go Birds!

7/11/09 - Good Gawd Almighty! Six weeks without a pick! Well, why not make it seven? Gotta keep that perfect 3-0 record intact. Heh, heh, heh.

8/03/09 - 12 undefeated weeks! Let's take a chance on the Giants at Astros. Matt Cain pitches against Mike Hampton. The line looks to be -145/+130. I'm using a 2005 Oregon quarter. George Washington means Giants. Crater Lake goes to the Astros. And it's...heads. Go G-men!!

9/03/09 - Well, we only lost one game in August. This year's record is now 3-1. Let's try our luck at a college football game that everyone's been waiting for since January: Army at Eastern Michigan. The Politically Correct Eagles (previously the Hurons) are favored by anywhere from 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 points. We've got an Arizona quarter, minted in Denver in 2008, heads it's Army, tails it's EMU, and it's...heads. We've got the Black Knights of the Hudson +4 1/2.

9/12/09 - Let's try our luck at an NFL total. The Jets and Texans have a total of 44. We're using a Lincoln penny, minted in Denver in 2005. Heads it's over, tails it's under and it's...tails. Let's go defense!

9/18/09 - Our record is now an impressive 5-1! Normally, it tends to hover around the .500 mark, but maybe this is the breakout season I've been waiting for. Let's try two picks this weekend. In college action, Kansas State is heading west to play UCLA. The coin being used is one of those new presidential dollar coins! It has John Adams on the front, the Statue of Liberty on the back. Numismatists would say obverse and reverse, but front and back is good enough for us. Adams is UCLA, the statue K-State...it's Adams! Take UCLA to roll and cover the 12 point spread.

In NFL action, the total in the Arizona-Jacksonville game is 43 1/2. Hmmmm, could go either way. Same coin - heads it's over, tails it's under. Heads it is! Take over 42 1/2 in the ARI-JAC game.

9/24/09 - Holy cow! Flip McCoin is 7-1! The rest of the staff at IG is getting on my case, telling me how lucky I am. Hey, it's all in the thumb, baby. Let's make two picks in college action. The TCU Horned Frogs are making a rare (first time?) visit to Death Valley to take on the Clemson Tigers. Clemson is favored by 2. We're using the same Oregon quarter that gave us our only loss way back in early August. Heads TCU, tails Clemson...and it is heads! TCU plus 2! How about the total in the Southern Mississippi at Kansas game? It's at a big fat 60 points. Heads over, tails under...it's heads. Go with the over at Lawrence.

In the NFL, the Bears head to the Great Northwest to take on the Seahawks. Chicago is favored by 2 points. Heads - Bears, tails - Seahawks...tails it is. Take Seattle and the 2 points.

10/01/09 - Flip McCoin is now 9-2!! We've got a special coin tonight. It's an English coin minted in 1970 with Queen Elizabeth II on the front. It's worth a grand total of 5 pence. Actually 5 "new pence," in case that makes a difference. Two service academies will do battle on Saturday. Navy is a 3-point home favorite against Air Force. Heads its the Middies, tails the Flyboys...heads! Take the Navy minus 3 points.

In NFL action, the total on the Lions-Bears game has settled at 39. Lions fans are all excited after breaking that 19-game losing streak. Heads=Over Tails=Under...and the flip of the coin reveals...tails! Play under 39 in the Lions-Bears game.

10/08/09 - Flipper finally had a loser last week. Along with a push, Flip is now 9-3-1. Purdue is visiting Minnesota in a Big Ten game. Is there a trophy at stake? Like a beer keg, or an axe, or a statue of a pig? The Golden Gophers are a 3-point fave. Our coin today is a Nevada quarter, minted in 2006. Nice and shiny. Heads - Minn, Tails - Pur, and it's...heads! Take Minnesota -3. The Crimson Tide of Alabama is taking a trip to Oxford to take on the Ole Miss Rebels. The oddsmakers like the Tide by 4 1/2. Heads - Bama, Tails - Rebels,...it's heads again. Roll Tide!

Let's pass on the NFL this week. Last week's under on the CHI-DET game was a disaster - 72 points when the total was just 39. Ugggh.

10/15/09 - What a hot streak Flip is on! Our two wins last week raised our record for 11-3-1! No handicapping needed, just a flip of a coin. Let's keep it rolling for another week. Today's coin is a Washington quarter, minted in Philadelphia in 1998. The Georgia Bulldogs are taking a trip to Music City to take on the Commodores of Vanderbilt. The Dawgs are laying 8 points or so. Heads - GA, Tails - Vandy...it is heads. Go UGA. Let's head west to Lincoln, Nebraska, where the Cornhuskers are hosting the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. The oddsmakers are forcing the Huskers to give up about 11 points. Heads - NEB, Tails - TT...it is heads. Huskers to roll over the Red Raiders!

It's time to redeem ourselves in the NFL. Buffalo is visiting the New York Jets, with the home team favored by 9 1/2. Heads - BUF, Tails - NYJ...and it's tails! J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS!!

10/22/09 Last week's 1-2 glitch lowered our season record to 12-5-1. This week's coin is a Jefferson nickel, minted in Denver in 2006. It's got T.J. on the front, and his crib, Monticello, on the back. Let's get it started. Ohio State, still smarting from last week's loss at Purdue, hosts Minnesota. The spread is about 17. Heads - MIN, tails - OSU. And the flip reveals...heads. Go with the Golden Gophers +17 at the Horseshoe. Now to the Mountain West Conference. The Air Force is headed over to Utah for a big game. The Utes are favored by 9 points or so. Heads - AF, tails - UT. And we have a...tail. Take Utah -9.

We're going to skip the NFL again this week. Our last three NFL picks have gone down in flames and it's really ruining my Sundays. Until next week, may the flip be with you!

10/29/09 Two losses last week lowered our season record to 12-7-1. Still a good record but going downhill in a hurry. You know what? Flip just ain't feelin' it this week. Bad vibes from his spare change. Things were going so well until the past few weeks. Guess what? No picks this week! Don't like it? Tough.

The management of InsaneGambler.com would like to apologize for Flip McCoin vanishing halfway into the NFL season. He seemed like a dependable fellow and his selections were fantastic but we expected to hear from him on a weekly basis. It seems Mr. McCoin had some personal issues to deal with but we anticipate him being back for the 2010 NFL season. In the meantime, you'll just have to FYOC.

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