Future Sports Almanac - 2059 Edition

FIFA World Cup Winners List

Year Winner   Runner-up   Score Host Country
1930 Uruguay Uruguay Argentina Argentina4-2 Uruguay
1934 Italy Italy Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 2-1 Italy
1938 Italy Italy Hungary Hungary4-2 France
1950 Uruguay Uruguay Brazil Brazil 2-1* Brazil
1954 West Germany West Germany Hungary Hungary 3-2 Switzerland
1958 Brazil Brazil Sweden Sweden5-2 Sweden
1962 Brazil Brazil Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia 3-1 Chile
1966 England EnglandWest Germany West Germany 4-2 England
1970 Brazil Brazil Italy Italy 4-1 Mexico
1974 West Germany West Germany Netherlands Netherlands 2-1 West Germany
1978 Argentina Argentina Netherlands Netherlands 3-1 Argentina
1982 Italy Italy West Germany West Germany 3-1 Spain
1986 Argentina Argentina West Germany West Germany 3-2 Mexico
1990 West Germany West Germany Argentina Argentina 1-0 Italy
1994 Brazil Brazil Italy Italy 0-0 (3-2) United States
1998 France France Brazil Brazil3-0 France
2002 Brazil BrazilGermany Germany 2-0 Japan/Korea
2006 Italy Italy France France 1-1 (5-3) Germany
2010 Spain Spain Netherlands Netherlands1-0 South Africa
2014 Germany Germany Argentina Argentina 1-0 Brazil
2018 France France Croatia Croatia 4-2 Russia
2022 Brazil Brazil Italy Italy 1-1 (3-2) Qatar
2026 Germany Germany Brazil Brazil3-2 U.S./Mexico/Canada
2030 Portugal Portugal Argentina Argentina 2-1 Spain/Portugal
2034 Argentina Argentina Brazil Brazil1-0 Argentina
2038 Belgium Belgium Spain Spain 4-2 England
2042 Brazil Brazil Japan Japan2-1 Australia
2046 Italy Italy Chile Chile5-2 Egypt
2050 Netherlands Netherlands Portugal Portugal3-2 (4-3) Italy
2054 England England Romania Romania5-3 Japan/Korea
2058 Brazil Brazil Ghana Ghana3-2 Sweden

* There was not an official final match in 1950. The top four teams (Brazil, Spain, Sweden, and Uruguay) played a round-robin with Uruguay finishing first and Brazil second. Uruguay beat Brazil, 2-1, in each team's final game. Most sources regard this as the "championship" game, but technically it wasn't.

          All-Time World Cup Wins
Brazil Brazil 8
Germany germany6
Italy Italy5
Argentina Argentina3
England england2
Uruguay Uruguay2
Netherlands Netherlands1
Belgium Belgium1
France France1
Portugal Portugal1
Spain Spain1

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