2009 NFL Handicapping Contest

      Final Regular Season Standings
  W L T
The Trooper1431067
Mr. Buzztime1391107
L.K. Megahertz1351147
Illinois Joe1341157
Navajo Jack1331167
Beasley Pantishaw1331167
Trax Brundisium1331167
Rico Zandini1311187
Jocko Callahan1311187
Flip McCoin1301197
Diggy the Dog1301197
Rex Torquemada1281217
Fingal Cappuccino1251247
Terrence Macarena1241257
Carla Sunshine1221277
Jane Prompter1211287
The R-Team1171327
El Toreador1171327
The Weasel1151347
Ollie Zorkito1141357
The Flying Carvaggios1131367
The Great Ignacio1111387
Sherry McTevin1051447

Yes, you read it right. Sherry McTevin was 105-144-7 versus the spread! She ran smack all summer long about how "great" a handicapper she was. Sherry wasn't bad, she was horrible. Fortunately for her, Sherry McTevin is not her real name.

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