2010 NFL Handicapping Contest

      Final Regular Season Standings
  W L T
Navajo Jack1441066
Trax Brundisium1431076
The Outlaw1381126
Jane Prompter1361146
Danny the Hyena1351156
Mr. Buzztime1351156
Rex Torquemada1311196
Illinois Joe1291216
Buddy Colt III1281226
Flip McCoin1271236
EL Capitan1271236
Beasley Pantishaw1261246
Tugboat Annie1251256
The Muffin Man1251256
Carla Sunshine1241266
The Trooper1231276
Rico Zandini1211296
Terrence Macarena1201306
Diggy the Dog1201306
Mr. Stupid1181326
Jocko Callahan1161346
Gilgamesh Broadhurst1151356
L.K. Megahertz1141366
Jerry Smokington1131376
Eliot J. Crockenstile1111396
Bridge Jumper Bob1091416

Congratulations to Navajo Jack for winning the Insane Gambler's 2010 NFL Handicapping Contest. Combined with a 5th-place finish in 2009, he had a record of 277-222-13 over the two year span. Dude, open your own handicapping service!

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