2011 NFL Handicapping Contest

      Final Regular Season Standings
  W L T
Rex Torquemada13910413
EL Capitan13610713
L.K. Megahertz13610713
Illinois Joe13410913
Mr. Buzztime12711613
Navajo Jack12611713
Jane Prompter 12511813
Trax Brundisium12411913
Flip McCoin12411913
Beasley Pantishaw12312013
Radley Jones12112213
The Outlaw12012313
Tugboat Annie11912413
Jerry Smokington11812513
Rico Zandini11712613
Wendy Nuutilla11612713
Diggy the Dog11412913
Danny the Hyena11213113
Mr. Stupid11213113
Dooley Gramatica10713613

Congratulations to Rex Torquemada for winning the Insane Gambler's 2011 NFL Handicapping Contest. Also a big thumbs down to our last place finisher, Dooley Gramatica, for ending up with a worse record than a dog, a hyena, and the world's worst handicapper, Mr. Stupid. Sorry, Dooley, but you won't be invited back for the 2012 contest.

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