2012 NFL Handicapping Contest

      Final Regular Season Standings
  W L T
Navajo Jack1361128
Gino Magnolia1351138
Antoine Mercurio1341148
Jane Prompter 1331158
EL Capitan1291198
Sally McMullen1291198
Trax Brundisium1271218
Mr. Buzztime1271218
The Shark1271218
L.K. Megahertz1261228
Flip McCoin1261228
Rex Torquemada1241248
Diggy the Dog1231258
Mahatma Jones1221268
The Outlaw1221268
Gerald Floober1201288
Beasley Pantishaw1201288
Inspector Hargrove1181308
Illinois Joe1171318
Jimmy Carmen1171318
Rico Zandini1151338
Mr. Stupid1141348
Josie Megahammer1111378
The Dealer1081408

Congratulations to dflea for winning the Insane Gambler's 2012 NFL Handicapping Contest. Too bad for our biggest loser, The Dealer, who was 32 games below .500. Thank goodness he/she/it wasn't using his/her/its real name.

Unleaded IG

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