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02/01/14   Ever notice how everyone's an expert on a subject except for the one person who can actually do something about it? The President puts forth a plan and spells out all the good things it'll do. Immediately, every talk show host, newspaper columnist, taxi driver and hair stylist in the country explains how the plan will never work. You've got to be an idiot to believe it will. What a moron that Obama is. Blah, blah, blah.

      Think about it: the guy with all sorts of degrees and dozens of expert advisors supposedly doesn't know jack but every hack blogger in the country does. How is this possible? Obama is an idiot. Donald Trump is a jerk. George W. Bush is a fool. If so, how come they've got all the power and money? If you're so smart, how come you're pushing a pencil in some cubicle for 35 grand a year?

      If you ask me, (and you didn't, but since this domain is mine, all mine, I'll say whatever I want to say) the fools are you, you pompous, egotistical blowhards. You guys and gals that write those op-ed pieces, or the talking heads on TV. If you know the answers to all the world's problems, the sagging economy, etc., why don't you run for office so you can actually do something about it?

      Now you might say "Aren't you being guilty of the same thing? If YOU'RE so smart, why don't YOU do something about it other than writing a blog?" That's a good point, but the difference is that TIG admits he doesn't have the answers to the war on terror, the mortgage crisis, et al. (for you people in Ohio, that's a Latin expression meaning "and others.") How the heck would I know? I've spent most of my life studying the Daily Racing Form. I trust the people who have spent their lives studying the important problems of the world. Are they always right? No, but they'll [...lost in transit but that's not unusual for the Macedonians, seeing as how...] be right more often than TIG would. What the hell was that??? Lost in transit??? Macedonians??? WITBBITAA?

      Back to the subject at hand. For all of you self-proclaimed experts, zip your pie hole! Stick to what you do best - pushing a pencil, delivering packages, serving up hot food, whatever. You're just jealous because other people are rich and powerful, and you're poor and powerless.

      Whether you agree or not, thank you for reading ITIGHO.

      Yours Truly, The Insane Gambler

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