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Two Thousand Nine

 05/01/09   Here is my first two predictions. The NL MVP will be Mark Reynolds of D-Backs and in the AL, let's give it to Nick Markakis of that team in Baltimore. I know that sounds, well, kind of stupid, but how many people had Dustin Pedroia last year? Naught me, that's fer sure. I went with Jack Cust. So I'll be checking in every now and then with some more brilliant observations. Until then, I am Mr. Stupid.

 08/03/09   This sure is the easiest way to make 25 sense. Just write a paragraph every 3 months. Here's a good bet I thought of last night. The Pirates of Pittsburgh have 17 straight losing seasons. No major league done that, not even Yankees. The odds must be a million to one of that happening. I want to know exact so ask Gilgamesh Broadhurst and he say its one chance in 131,072. When the 2010 futures bets come out, the Pirates will probable by 100 to 1 or maybe 1,000 to 1 to win it all. But the chances of 18 straight losing seasons is 262,144!!! Talk about getting value for your muney! Is that a grate idea or what? Can't wait cash that ticket. Until then, I am Mr. Stupid.

 08/04/09   Hey, see who got 32 home runs? Mark Reynolds, that who! You guys all laff at my MVP picks. We see who laffs last. Ha Ha Ha. YT, Mr. Stupid.

 08/19/09   Mark Reynolds update -- 38 home runs! Not only that, but he stole 21 bases AND he lead the majors with 168 strikeouts, more then three times more than Puhols. If not four Reynolds, Arizona be way down in the standings. Thank you very much, Mr. Stupid.

 08/25/09   Let's get it started with this year's NFL picks. Hear's who Mr. Stupid likes in the NFC North:

Lions 10-6
Vikings 9-7
Bears 8-8
Packers 5-13

Detroit will make a great comeback from last year's winless disaster to win the division. Look for Barry Sanders to pull a Brett Favre and come back in the middle of the season. I would have picked Minniesota but getting the overrated Favre will ruin their season. With the adding of Jay Cutler, Chicago's running game will improve but not enough to make playoffs. Green Bay, without the great Favre, has no chance. Tomorrow's picks: AFC North. YT, Mr. Stupid.

 08/29/09   Mark Reynolds hits his 40th homer!!!! MVP! MVP! MVP! IG: Hey, stupid. What about those NFL picks? Ohhh, gee boss, forgot all about them. Do some more tomorrow, promise.

 09/04/09   IG: Where are those picks???????

 09/06/09   Here's the AFC North:

Browns 9-7
Steelers 8-8
Bengals 8-8
Ravens 7-9

Talk about your pearity! The Steelers will have majer trouble defending their Superbowl title. Look for Big Ben Rothlessburger to be injured. I like Brady Quinn to throw for 3,472 yards and lead the Browns to the division title. Bengals have good year too. Carson Palmer has passer rating of 114.3. Ravens win first seven games but go in the tank when team is infected with swine flu.

 09/11/09   Here's the NFC East:
Eagles 10-6
Giants 10-6
Redskins 8-8
Cowboys 4-12

Look for Donovan McNabb to go down with an injury in Week 5. Michael Vick takes over and leeds the Eagles to the division title, winning a tie-breaker over G-Men. Clinton Poortis rushes for 2,381 yards as Redskins break even. Dallas season is disaster in new stadium. Jason Witten on injury list. Tony Romo involved in fantasy football scandal.

 09/12/09   AFC East:
Bills 11-5
Patriots 10-6
Jets 8-8
Dolphins 3-13

Buffalo big serprise here. Pats wish they hadn't traded that linemen to Oakland. Jets are their usual mediocre selfs. What happens to Miami? Joey Porter punches out assistant coach in Week 3. It's all downhill after that.

 09/19/09   IG: It's the day before the Week 2 games and you still haven't picked four divisions. And you've made no other comments on anything. Get to work!!!

 09/19/09   Okay, okay. Real quick.
NFC South: Tampabay
AFC South: Hewston
NFC West: St. Lewis
AFC West: Kansa City
Thank God that's over with. Now I can go back to

 10/10/09   IG: Stop playing online poker and get to work! Contribute something, anything, to this website. If not, you'll find yourself on Deprecation Alley.

 12/19/09   The more I see NFL the more I'm convinced San Diego is best. They got the total package and I look for them to run the table and win the Superbowl this season. Garanteed!!!

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