Greyhound Grading

Learn how the greyhound grading system works - It's as easy as A-B-C

       In order to make races competitive, all greyhounds are classified by grade. One common system uses the grades M, D, C, B, A and E. M stands for maiden, a dog which has never won a race. When a maiden wins its first race, it moves up one grade to D. Next win it goes up to C and so on. If the dog has a few bad races in a row, usually defined as three straight races without a third-place finish or better, it is moved down a grade. The lowest grade is E, and if a dog in grade E goes four straight races without finishing in the top four, it is barred from further racing.

       Not all tracks use the same system. The rules for moving up and down from one grade to another may vary slightly from track to track, but they're all based on the same principle: win and you move up, finish out of the money for a few races and you move down.

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