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       Some poor soul on the IG staff actually did this. He watched about 3,000 jai-alai games at Dania and Miami at various times from 2009 to 2013. He didn't watch anywhere near all the performances, so we don't claim this study to be totally accurate. But 3,000 is a pretty big sample. So here is the win-loss record of serving teams/players in a whole bunch of doubles and singles games at Dania and Miami in 2009-2013.

DOUBLES    34,158 16,290 17,868  .4769
SINGLES   14,237   7,786   6,451  .5469

The table is pretty easy to interpret. Receiving teams in doubles games had the advantage, winning 52.3% of the points. In singles play, the opposite is true, with the server winning 54.7% of the points.

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