AKOGS - All kinds of good stuff
AMNOD - A mile north of Deadsville
BBOTD - Bad beat of the day
BBOTW - Bad beat of the week
BBOTM - Bad beat of the month
BBOTY - Bad beat of the year
BBOTGE - Bad beat of the geological epoch
BFMVKSS - Because Field Marshal Von Kappeldorf says so
BOTB - Barfilitis of the blowhole
CATM - Can anybody tell me
CYBT - Can you believe that?
CYFBT - Can you freakin' believe that?
EMYMWCYMITLR - Every mistake you make will cost you money in the long run
END - This is not an acronym. It just means the end.
FFF - F***in' F***er's F***ed
FSA - Future Sports Almanac
FYOC - Flip your own coin
FTLOGWYPTAS - For the love of God would you please throw a strike?
FWIW - For what it's worth
GIGIG - Get it? Got it. Good.
GWTD - Go with the dog
GYAT - Get your act together
IMSTBT - It must suck to be them
ISBAKITH - It sure beats a kick in the head
ITIGHO - In the Insane Gambler's humble opinion
IMMWTJOTNB - It makes me want to jump off the nearest bridge
IYNCYNT - If you're not cheatin', you're not tryin'
KIAA - Know it all A**hole
LMGS - Lots more good stuff
MTFBWY - May the Flip be with you
MTRFMP - Man, that really frosts my pumpkins
MTWRC - Man that was really close
NCD - No Can Do
NIAMY - Not in a million years
OMG - Oh my gosh
OTWT - Only time will tell
PABS - Payback's a bitch, sis
PAGIMA - Put another gallon in me, Allen
PUTP - Pick up the pace
PWGARBDHOF - People who got a really bad deal hall of fame
SMFTB - So much for that bet
SSMSFTR - She stole my spaghetti from the refrigerator
SWINEFLU - Some women in New England find living uncomfortable
TDISH - The dog is smokin' hot
TIG - The Insane Gambler
TILSNC - That is like so not cool
TSSWWYB - There's something seriously wrong with your brain
TTD - Three thumbs down
TTOI - Treasure trove of information
TTPAGTTB - Take the points and go to the bank
TTWTDBC - That's the way the dog biscuit crumbles
TTYLB - Take that you lousy bastard
WWPP - World's worst poker player
WAFIYMB - What a freakin' idiot you must be
WAPOC - What a piece of crap
WAWOTTW - What a waste of time that was
WIAT - Well it's about time
WIAFT - Well it's about freakin' time
WITBB - What in the blue blazes
WTHGOOH - What the hell's going on out here?
WTHIT - What the heck is that
YGWYPF - You get what you pay for
YSMM - Yo soy muy malo

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