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2011 Predictions by Eduardo Lorenzo Capitan

 Week 1   ¡Let the games begin!

¿Is it my imagination or has Notre Dame been overrated every year for the past 20 years or so? It seems that way. Preseason hoopla has the Irish ranked. This is the year they return glory to South Bend. Then they go 6-6. But next year it's as if the fans and the media have collective amnesia and the Irish get pumped up again. ¿Will this happen again this year? EL Capitan is not sure. They did look good at the end of the 2010 season. We'll take a wait and see attitude for now. Notre Dame is a 10 point pick in their home opener against South Florida. This looks like deja vu all over again. Take the points and go with the Bulls.

 Week 2   Thanks to Notre Dame's loss, we begin the season with a win.

Let's not get cute here. Notre Dame, despite losing at home to South Florida, is a 3½ point favorite at the Big House against Michigan. ¿When will they learn? ¿When will they ever learn? Go with Michigan and the points. ¡Hail to the Victors!

 Week 3   EL Capitan is 2-0 thanks to the Fighting Irish. Let's not push our luck three times in a row.

A big rivalry game this week has the Colorado State Rams heading down the road to take on the Colorado Buffaloes. Take the 7 points and go with the visitors. No particular reason, just a hunch.

 Week 4   So much for hunches. We're now 2-1 for the season.

The Duke Blue Devils are hosting the Tulane Green Wave in a colorful matchup. Lay the 10 points and take Duke. PAC-12 action has Oregon visiting Arizona in what should be a real track meet. Go with the Ducks who are favored by 16½ points.

 Week 5   Last week's two wins move the season record to 4-1.

Kansas is a 6½ home dog against Texas Tech. Go with the Jayhawks. Also take the Alabama Crimson Tide -4 at Florida.

 Week 6   The season record now stands at 5-2. Muy bueno!

Okay, I'll take the bait. Notre Dame does in fact look really good. Take them -14 points at home against the Air Force.

 Week 7   Thanks to the Fighting Irish, we're now 6-2!

The Demon Deacons of Wake Forest are getting 7 points at home against the Virginia Tech Hokies. EL Capitan says take the points. ¡Calling all lumbermen! Take Alabama and lay 27 1/2 points at Ole Miss. ¡Muchas gracias!

 Week 8   The season record is an impressive 7-3.

EL Capitan has some bad vibrations about this week. Se単or Mojo is very untrustworthy. ¡NO SELECTIONS THIS WEEK!

 Week 9   ¡Time to get back into action!

EL Capitan likes three games this week. Minnesota sucks. Take Iowa on the road and lay the 16 points. Take Vanderbilt plus 8 at home against Arkansas. Finally, take Oregon State and 5 points on the road at Utah.

 Week 10   EL Capitan is 8-5 so far this year [IG: Hey, how about picking some more games? People want action!!!] Okay, you asked for it, here are six selections.

Go with USC -20 1/2 at Colorado. Take Maryland +3 at home against Virginia. Take Kansas +14 on the road at Iowa State. Look for Nebraska -17 1/2 to crush Northwestern at Lincoln. Wake Forest +13 at home against Notre Dame. Go with Baylor -2 1/2 at home against Missouri. ¿There, are you happy?

 Week 11   Our season record now stands at a quite impressive 12-7. ¡Muy bueno!

Purdue is getting 7 1/2 points at home against the Ohio State Buckeyes. ¡Take the Boilermakers to win the game straight up! The Miami Hurricanes are going to Tallahassee to take on the FSU Seminoles. They will be sorry they took the trip. Take the Seminoles and lay 12 1/2 points. In the big PAC-12 showdown between Oregon and Stanford, EL Capitan likes the speed of the Ducks. ¡Take the field goal and get in line to cash your ticket!

 Week 12   ¡EL Capitan in now 15-7! ¡That's 68 percent! ¿You know what that means don't you? Yes, he'll probably go 7-15 the rest of the year.

Muchos juegos grandes esta semana. Take Iowa -1 1/2 on the road at Purdue. Take FSU -17 at home against Virginia. Kansas is getting 32 points on the road at Texas A&M. Take the points. Go with Hawaii -4 1/2 at home against Fresno State.

 Week 13   As expected, EL Capitan finally had a bad week, going 1-3. The season record is still a solid 16-10.

Nebraska is hosting Iowa in what should develop into a great Big Ten rivalry. Take the Cornhuskers -7. Georgia Tech is 4½ point home dog against rival Georgia. Take the Rambling Wreck to win the game straight up.

 Week 14   Last week's 1-1 split puts the season record at 17-11. Some big conference title games on tap this week. Let's see how we do.

Oregon is laying a whopping 31 points to UCLA in the Pac-12 title game. Although EL Capitan likes Oregon to win easily, that's way too many points. Go with the Bruins to cover. The same scenario goes in the SEC. Take Georgia +12½ to cover versus #1 LSU.

 Week 15   Another 1-1 split puts the season record at 18-12. ¡That's 60 percent! ¡¡Muy bueno!! EL Capitan still has an aversion for bowl games so we will sit out a few weeks and resume with the big games at the end of the season.

 Week ?? I've lost track   Here are EL Capitan's bowl selections. ¡Beware! When it comes to handicapping the bowls, YSMM.

In the Rose Bowl, go with the Oregon Ducks -6 over the Wisconsin Badgers. Take Virginia Tech +2½ over Michigan. In the BCS title game, EL Capitan likes LSU +1 over Alabama. ¡Buena suerte!

 Week ??   Final Wrapup

Well, it happened again. Another BCS disaster. Just like with Ohio State versus Florida a few years back, LSU came out and all they could do was LABFE. They looked like a Pop Warner team. Couldn't get the ball past the 50-yard line until the fourth quarter. Humiliated. 21-0. ¡Que lastima! EL Capitan ends the season with an excellent 19-14 record. That's a .576 winning percentage. But the LSU game leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Hasta la vista.

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