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Peete in the Heat

      The year was 1984 and had a friend at work who loved to gamble. He was looking for a golfer to bet on in the U.S. Open, and asked for a tip on who might be a surprise winner. After some research TIG came up with Calvin Peete as his choice to win the Open. Calvin was a darn good player. He won 12 PGA tournaments in his career. The odds on him were probably about 20/1. The real odds should have been 50/1 but you know how they work in Las Vegas. Those casinos didn't just mushroom up on their own.

      So TIG tells his friend the main reason for picking Peete. He's the tour's most accurate driver and the Open always requires players to keep the ball in the fairway. Then, for some idiotic reason, TIG gave him another reason: Calvin Peete plays well in hot weather. He had won in hot weather at Williamsburg, Va., in 1982 and 1983 and the weather forecast was for hot and muggy conditions. You've got to admit - it made sense. We even came up with a slogan. Not sure who thought of it first but we came up with "Peete in the Heat." TIG's buddy was all pumped up. "I'm gonna turn this 20 dollars into 400 dollars and it's all because of Peete in the Heat!"

      So the tournament gets underway at Winged Foot just outside of New York City. As forecast, the weather was hot and muggy. As TIG remembers it, it was the first round. But it might have been the second, or just a practice round on Wednesday. Whenever it was, TIG had the radio on when a short piece on the U.S. Open came on. Something like "The hot weather conditions are taking their toll on the golfers. Calvin Peete had to withdraw after being carried from the course suffering from heat exhaustion."

      Huh??? What did he say? Did that really happen? Yep, it sure did! Sooooo, for the next several days, and weeks, and months, and years, TIG was the recipient of never ending verbal abuse and scorn from his co-workers. Whenever there was some sort of disagreement, someone would say "Why should we listen to you? You're the dolt who gave us Calvin Peete. Peete in the heat. Big freaking deal. I lost my life savings on that bet. I could have moved to Aruba and retired. Thanks a lot!"

      What could TIG say? He had to suffer years of being reminded of this disaster. "Peete in the heat. HA-HA-HA!!!" TIG is still a big fan of Calvin, God rest his soul. He was trying his best.

      "Peete in the Heat." One of the worst incidents in TIG's sports handicapping career. Period. P-E-R-I-O-D.

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