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      Welcome to We planned on having a really nice baseball section with articles on betting, handicapping, etc. Sadly, our resident baseball expert, Gerald Floober, had to take it on the lam in April.

      You see, he made what is known in the business as an "airplane bet." That's where you make a bet so large that if you lose, you won't be able to pay your bookie. Your best plan then is to get on an airplane and get the heck out of town, or state, or country, or continent. We believe Mr. Floober to be somewhere in South America at this time.

      In the meantime, why don't you just go to: Baseball-Reference       They have every baseball statistic known to man there. Why are you hanging around here?

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Fenway Park - 1966

Fenway Park - 1966

If you're too lazy to leave this site, here are the current MLB standings. They get updated the morning after the previous day's action.

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